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Mixed Bits Jennifer Hudson To Take Back The Spotlight At Super Bowl Jonas Brothers Lil Wayne To Hit

Watch the performance here. Jennifer Hudson is to return to work almost three months after the tragic shooting death of his mother, brother and 7 years, nephew. The Oscar-winning, Grammy nominated singer-actress will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl in Tampa on February 1, reports E! News. Jennifer has shown could pull off the task back in August, when wowed the crowd with the Star Spangled Banner at the Democratic National Convention by special request of Barack Obama.
16.1.09 11:46

Nba Free Picks Portland Trail Blazers Vs Philadelphia 76ers

Blazers team back to full strength with the return of star Brandon Roy two games ago from a hamstring injury that kept him out of four games, 17-20 against a team missing one of its best players Elton Brand (16 ppg, 10 rpg ). Free Picks NBA Portland Trail Blazers vs Philadelphia 76ers: The Trail Blazers (23-14) are in a three-game winning strip after a 109-95 victory over Chicago on Monday night on the road. L list NBA Quote -2 Portland Trail Blazers at Philadelphia 76ers favorites heading into this NBA Free Picks Predations matchup. Blake finished with 16 points and 10 assists, helping the team always on the right track this week.
16.1.09 11:46

Will Brings Seven Pounds To The Uk

My girlfriend was not Buzz ta big fan of the movie, when he went to see, but I know that he won t postpone Will all those fans!. A man machine Will Smith charisma was in London Leicester Square last night for the premiere of his new film Seven Pound.In the film, Will plays an IRS agent with a fateful secret who takes an extraordinary journey of redemption to be changed always the life of seven strangers.
16.1.09 11:46

Group Abandons Efforts To Bring Noaa Base To Astoria

The resources for the economic development agency says that Clatsop decided to suspend his campaign as the requirements outlined by the federal agency disadvantage outside Puget Sound ports. The sanctions, which could be collected on doors more than 100 miles from Seattle also need to learn 70 percent of the area of the store and $ 7. The operations center is home to four ships, and his staff operates six other ports in Alaska and Hawaii. A Clatsop County organization says it has abandoned efforts to bring National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ships to the Port of Astoria. NOAAs Marine Operations Center-Pacific is on Lake Union in Seattle. 3 million euros to help pay for the transfer of personnel and resources NOAA.
16.1.09 11:46

Jaden Smiths Karate Kid Remake Casts Jackie Chan As Mr Miyagi

If theres a way to replace the sweet, Pat Morita As Mr Miyagi iconic, to express its greatest and most manic and that is exactly what theyve done. The film will begin shooting at the beginning of this summer in Beijing, and, of course, retain the original character names as well as the plot. You in the hands of the producers remaking The Karate Kid. According to Variety, Rush Hour star Jackie Chan is in final negotiations for the formation Jaden Smith in the delicate art of hunting the cranes. Harald Zwart (The Pink Panther 2) will direct the film. Theyve also hired a director.
16.1.09 11:46


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